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Is North Vancovuer Growing Too Fast?

Ask anyone who lives on the North Shore, the traffic has become horrendous. Businesses are having a problem retaining employees whether from traffic or cost of living.  North Vancouver is growing at an unprecedented pace. What used to be 10-15 minute drive from Deep Cove to Lonsdale now can take anywhere from 25 - 1+ hours and forget driving if one of the bridges has an accident on it. Last week it was my dad's birthday and we were heading to see an Elvis tribute at the Centennial Theatre and we watched, in horror, as 4 vehicles had a head-on accident at the bottom of the cut. How did this happen? Read On...

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In this section of the blog we will be writing articles of questions that we get asked frequently. We will discuss the questions and give answers with supporting documents. 

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Vancouver Luxury Market Plummeting?

Are you wondering how the new foreign buyers tax has affected the luxury market? First, there was an implementation of a 15% tax and now it has been increased to 20%. Read on...


World's Worst?

Are you confused by the upcoming referendum?

This may help you decide

If you are like me and are confused by the different voting options then this independent site will help you make up your mind as to which way to vote. Now, I know this is not a real estate post but I was reading a lot of posts on Facebook regarding this topic and I thought to myself that maybe I don't know as much as I had thought. I watched the no campaign videos and write-ups and then watched the yes campaign and their write-ups and they had scare tactics and fear mongering. Something like this site will help you be logical about things and removes the doubt that you may have. (Assuming you don't intentionally try to sway your thoughts).

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Whats going on in the real estate world you ask?

Read on...

Q3 Canadian Home Price Survey and Market Forecast
Canadian Home Buyers Continue to Catch their Breath in the Third Quarter of 2018 

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